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SA's successful women: Getting it done with style.

14 August 2015

Women are achieving great things across every sphere of life. With a willingness to follow through on our dreams, a passion to make a difference and a determination to succeed, we’re relentlessly pushing industries forward.

This infographic follows women who have made it to the very top of their respective fields, celebrates their accomplishments, and encourages others to follow their lead. It’s a story that outlines what is required of any lady wishing to pursue her dream.   

Success looks different for every woman: Some find it in money; others climb the corporate ladder; others achieve it through their sport or their passion. While there are common threads woven through every story, each one’s journey is different. It is these differences that allow these women a unique perspective on success.

The following is a visual representation of what each of these women did to reach their respective pinnacles, as well as empowering facts about female success stories.