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6 Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Life as we know it has changed and suddenly we find ourselves facing new challenges every day. But it’s not all doom and gloom. A crisis may bring uncertainty, but it also presents opportunity.

Think for a moment how tech-savvy we’ve become, with work, school, exercise, shopping and socialising happening via a mobile phone or desktop screen. If technology wasn’t your friend before, chances are you’re better acquainted by now. And it’s a good thing, because technology is making our lives easier.  

Take your mobile phone: whatever you want or need, there’s an app for it. Need to do a credit score check? Then DirectAxis Pulse is the perfect financial tool to help you better understand your credit rating. Why? Because It’s important to maintain a good credit rating when applying for personal loans, as well as receving better rates on loans, insurance premiums and rentals. 

DirectAxis Pulse is a 100% free and secure online tool that provides an easy-to-understand breakdown of how your credit rating is calculated and how you can improve it. Download the free app via the Google Play store or App Store

Register for DirectAxis Pulse and learn more about improving your credit rating and financial health.

Here are 5 other highly-rated apps that will make your life easier. 


1. Namola

Namola gets you the help you need as fast as possible in any emergency. Pushing a single button contacts a call centre that calls you back in minutes to dispatch the right help – from nearby police to paramedics and other emergency responders. At the same time, the app alerts up to five emergency contacts, and shares your location. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play store

2. Zulzi 

If you need something in your area delivered in less than an hour, Zulzi can do it. On this user-friendly delivery platform, you can order groceries from your favourite supermarkets, have someone deliver food from a restaurant or pick up your medication. Delivery fees range from R20 to R85, and in some instances delivery is free. Available on both iOS and Android 

3. Powertime  

Powertime saves you time and money when buying electricity. The app lets you purchase prepaid electricity tokens 24/7, helps you track your electricity consumption and alerts you when your metre is running low. You can even pay your bills online, and access useful energy-saving tips and other benefits at no extra charge. Download it for free from the App Store

4. Wallet

There’s never been a better time to get your finances on track. Wallet acts like your personal finance manager, helping you save money, plan for the future, and see all your finances in one place. It also allows you to control your spending and save more using the finance tracker and planner. Available on iOS and Android

5. Take a Break!

Your mental health is important. Check in with yourself daily and Take a Break! when you need some time out from the world. This simple mindfulness app helps you enjoy the deep relaxation and stress relief of meditation, no prior experience needed. You can take a short break or a long break, with or without music, depending on your needs. Available on iOS and Android

It’s not easy to stay on top of everything all of the time, especially in times like these. But with the right apps, help is at hand. Just press download on these free apps to make your life easier.

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