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Please note that DirectAxis is a business unit of FirstRand Bank. Since we are part of the FirstRand group, your personal information will be shared with the group for various reasons, including to administer your loan. We believe in being open with you around how we use your personal information, so please remember to read the FirstRand Privacy Notice that is available on our website at

All consents that you provide during your application, will extend to the FirstRand group. If you do not want us to use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may exercise your right to opt-out during your application or by calling Customer Services on 0217643404.

  1. You confirm that
    1. You are not currently over-indebted, going through financial difficulty and have not been declared mentally unfit by an order of court.
    2. You are not under administration, sequestration or debt review.
    3. All information you give us is true and correct.
    4. You will ensure that you have read and understood the Pre-Agreement Statement and General Terms and Conditions that follow before accepting any loan amount that you may be offered.
    5. If you are married in community of property, or by customary or tribal law it is your responsibility and duty to obtain your spouse’s written consent signed by two witnesses to enter into this Agreement and that such written consent has been stored and is available, upon request by the Credit Provider at any time. If your spouse did not give consent, you understand that the Credit Provider may take certain legal steps against you which include laying a charge of fraud.
  2. You agree that
    1. If the Credit Provider reasonably believes that you have provided any false or misleading information to us, we will obtain and share information about you with the South African Fraud Prevention Services for financial crime detection, prevention and prosecution purposes.
    2. The Credit Provider may obtain and use your information from third party qualification data providers to conduct an assessment to determine your eligibility for and the appropriateness of the supply of this credit solution applied for.
  3. English
      You confirm that you are able to read and fully understand English. If you cannot read English or do not fully understand English, you should not carry on with this online personal loan application and should call us to apply in one of the other languages we support namely Afrikaans, Xhosa or Zulu.
  4. Afrikaans
      U bevestig dat u Engels kan lees en Engels ten volle verstaan. Indien u nie Engels kan lees nie, óf Engels nie ten volle verstaan nie, moet u asseblief nie met hierdie aanlyn aansoek om ‘n persoonlike lening voortgaan nie. Skakel ons eerder: ons kan u telefonies in Afrikaans, Xhosa of Zulu help om u aansoek te voltooi.
  5. Zulu
      Uyaqinisekisa ukuthi uyakwazi ukufunda isiNgisi futhi usiqonda ngokuphelele. Uma ungakwazi ukufunda isiNgisi noma ungasiqondi ngokuphelele isiNgisi, akumele uqhubeke nokufaka isicelo sokubolekwa imali nge-inthanethi kodwa esikhundleni salokho kumele usifonele ukuze ufake isicelo sakho ngolunye lwezilimi esizisebenzisayo, isiBhunu, isiXhosa kanye isiZulu.
  6. Xhosa
      Uqinisekisa ukuba uyakwazi ukusithetha isiNgesi kwaye usiqonda ngokupheleleyo. Ukuba awukwazi ukusifunda isiNgesi okanye awusiqondi ngokupheleleyo, akufuneki uqhubeke ngesi sicelo semali-mboleko sifumaneka kwikhompyutha kwaye kufuneka ufake isicelo ngezinye iilwimi esizixhasayo ezizezi, isiBhulu, isiXhosa okanye isiZulu.
Loan repayment terms range from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 72 months. The maximum interest rate with regards to a DirectAxis Personal Loan is 26.50% per annum (compounded monthly). Your rate and initiation fee will be determined according to your personal risk profile. An illustrative example of a R50 000 loan at an interest rate of 26.50% per annum plus a once-off initiation fee of R1 207.50 (added to the loan amount in this example) and a monthly admin fee of R69.00, over 72 months would have a total cost of R 116 623.20 )
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