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What can DirectAxis Pulse offer you?

  • Lets you compare your credit rating to other South Africans
  • You'll discover how you can maintain or improve your rating
  • View your recent credit enquiries and any defaults or judgements against your name
  • Learn which decisions have impacted your credit rating the most
  • Instantly spot any fraudulent activity on your account
  • Get customised tips on how you can improve your credit rating 

Why is my credit score rating important?

Your credit rating is a great indication of the health of your financial life.

Credit providers use your credit rating as one of the main criteria in deciding whether to lend you money so, in broad terms, the better your credit rating the better your chances of getting credit such as vehicle finance.     

By ensuring your credit rating remains high, you’re taking the first step in making sure your financial future is a better one. Empower yourself by keeping track of the exact detail of your credit history.

How can DirectAxis Pulse help?

Your credit rating has always been important, but until DirectAxis Pulse came along, accessing it has been slow, difficult to understand and often costly to access.

With DirectAxis Pulse, you’re able to view both a summary and a detailed breakdown of your credit rating via a 100% free interface by registering on the DirectAxis website.

By visiting DirectAxis Pulse regularly, you’ll stay in control of your credit record – ensuring you make decisions that will positively impact your financial future.

How to check your credit rating

Simply register for DirectAxis Pulse using the form above to receive your free credit report.

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