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Make a Plan

Learn How to Manage Money

Tips for managing your money

Juggling your finances is not always easy. But learning to manage your money can be very rewarding. Not just financially, but also mentally and emotionally. Here are a few easy tips to help you manage your money more effectively:

The first rule of good money management is to learn how to save. Financial experts recommend you put away at least 10% of your salary every month for your retirement.

Draw up a list of all the accounts you have to pay each month. Add to this list other necessities, such as groceries and petrol. This will help you see how much money you need to put aside each month for your living expenses.

You never know when illness, an accident or damage to your property might occur. But you can prepare for them by starting an emergency cash savings fund. Try and put aside at least three to six months’ worth of your salary. Keep it in an easy-to-access savings account (not under your mattress or in a biscuit tin!) This way, if something unexpected happens, you will have a financial cushion to fall back on.

Make sure you take time out to have some fun.  Set aside some money for entertainment and special occasions with your loved ones. It’s always more enjoyable when you know you can afford to be treating yourself or your family.

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