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Make a Plan

Spending Quality Time with your Family

Make family time quality time

Although we all live busy lives, it important that you make time to build strong family bonds, especially with your children. This doesn’t mean having to take them expensive outings. It’s about finding quiet moments to focus on those who are most important to you. So here are a few simple tips on how to enjoy more quality family time.

Set aside family time.

Don’t assume time with your family will happen naturally. Whether it’s a promise to eat dinner together every night (at the table, not in front of the TV), or a weekly excursion to a museum or the beach, schedule quality family time and make other plans around it. Try and avoid falling out of this routine, as it can be hard to schedule it back in.

Find one-on-one time too.

While it’s important to do things as a whole family, you also need to spend time with individuals – including your partner. So plan date nights together (this can even be a movie once the kids are in bed), and take turns to take one of your children to the park, while your partner takes the other to the library.

Find common ground.

It’s a lot easier to spend time together when you are doing something you all enjoy. So find things you all like to do – or activities you can do with one or more of your children. It might be going to support a local sports team or training for a charity run together (there are lots of runs on that offer a shorter distances for children).

Be present.

We’ve all become proficient at multi-tasking in our busy lives, but spending quality time with your family means not answering the phone or checking emails. Ask questions about their day’s activities and then listen to the answers. These interactions will show them that their lives are meaningful and that you care about everything that’s going on in their lives.

Be a role model.

Don’t forget that your every move is being watched. If family time is important to you, your children are more likely to want to join in. So lead by example. If you spend all your time on the phone during family time, you’re giving them the impression that they can text their friends or check their social media and not participate either.

We hope these tips on family time helped you.

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