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Make a Plan

Financial self-care: find the balance between treating your current and future self

Whenever there is talk about 'taking care of one’s finances' we usually mean taking care of your finances now for your future self – whether this is saving for long-term goals or saving towards your retirement fund. With financial management, it’s not only about the future. Financial self-care must benefit both your current and future self.

When it comes to financial care, it’s an ongoing process like any other form of self-care. This is why we compiled these tips to assist you on your journey.


Debt reduction is key

With any self-care journey, you have to identify what is holding you back from being your best self. When it comes to finances, it’s usually your debt. While debt isn’t bad and can help you acquire assets, it can leave you feeling stressed if you take on more than you can handle. This is why we advise you to tackle your debt reduction first. Paying off your store accounts and credit cards can free up some additional money for you to use on other things that are important to you. How you spend that extra is up to you. Did you know you can consolidate your debt and have one single affordable monthly payment? Not only will it free up some extra money, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that one single payment covers all your debts each month.

Note the things that you value

Personal finances and financial self-care aren’t only about the future. It’s also about treating yourself and doing things that bring you happiness today.

So, take a moment to ask yourself:

  • What do I spend money on that makes me happy?
  • Is the joy I feel short-lived, or do I feel a long-term sense of happiness knowing how I spent my money?
  • Do I appreciate material things or lived experiences more?

Once you have noted the things that bring value to your life, you can create a budget for them using our budget template. With a proper budget in place, you can ensure your debt repayments, reach your personal finance goals and still find money for the things that bring you joy.

Invest in your future

Investing in your future can even have a positive effect now. Most people find themselves worrying about their future but by taking control of it now, you can alleviate your worries and focus on the present with ease. If you were considering going back to school and investing in your career or potentially your own business in the future, you could apply for a loan and use it to pay for your studies. This will help you pave the way for your future in a way that benefits you and brings you joy.

Planning your future while also doing things that bring you joy in the present can be overwhelming. but if  you use these tips to handle your finances you may even find it fulfilling. 

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