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Preparing your Car for Winter

Is your car winter ready?

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year: crisp air, icy rivers and even dramatic rainstorms. To help you prepare for winter and keep safe while you are on the roads this season, DirectAxis has compiled some top pre-winter vehicle maintenance tips for you:

Replace worn wiper blades. Summer heat can buckle and warp the rubber blades, so make sure they are in top condition in order to cope with heavy winter rain or mist.

Carry a warm blanket and torch in the boot. Should you break down on the side of the road it’s important to keep warm, and have light, while you wait for help.

Add antifreeze to your radiator to prevent the entire cooling system from freezing in low temperatures. Be careful though, there are different types of antifreeze for different types of vehicles. Ask your mechanic for advice.

Invest in fog lights to improve visibility. Just remember, it is illegal to drive with fog lamps on unless it is in conditions of poor visibility caused by fog, mist, dust or smoke.

Never use water (cold, warm or hot) to get ice off your windscreen as it may crack the glass. While a rubberised window squeegee will do at a push, an ice scraper with a plastic blade will get the job done best.

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