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Fraud Guide

How to Identify a Scam Email or SMS

Not all scams are obvious. They could be disguised as an email or SMS from a well-known brand. At a glance, it may be hard to spot the difference between a message from a company you know vs. one from a scammer.

At DirectAxis, we want to help you become more aware of financial fraud and how to spot fraudulent communication so you can avoid being taken in by scammers.

To protect yourself from falling victim read our how to spot and avoid a scam and take a look at these examples of fraudulent DirectAxis emails and SMSs that have been in circulation.

Example of a fraudulent email


No matter which company you receive communication from, whether email or SMS always be on the lookout for anything unusual. Read through our scam advice for more information. 

To report a suspected scam or fraudulent communication, please email us at We follow up on every report and take every step we can to ensure your safety.


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