Fraud Guide

Protect Yourself from Financial Scams

Financial scams are on the rise with scammers using technology and increasingly sophisticated methods to try to get access to your money. At DirectAxis, we want to help you become more aware of financial fraud types, how to spot scams and protect yourself.

South Africa is one of the most targeted countries in the world:

Scam statistics infographics

Before you think it can't happen to you, remember:

  • Online Fraudsters are targeting anyone and everyone
  • They use multiple channels, including social media, to target their victims
  • They imitate recognisable brands and even copy friends' social pages
  • Its important to remain alert and educate yourself about the types of scams, how to spot them and how to prevent it from happening to you.

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    of customers use loans for consolidation

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    of customers use loans for renovations

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    of customers use loans for education