We have great benefits that empower our people to build better lives - we give them power through:

  • A well-equipped Campus with facilities aimed at keeping our people healthy, secure and connected.
  • Focussing on their overall wellbeing by providing numerous health-related services and group benefits that include free life cover, disability and dread disease.
  • Helping our people succeed through a free shuttle service 7 days a week to drop off zones near our Campus, subsidized transport from 7 pm and free door to door transport on the weekends.
  • Learning opportunities that help them develop their careers, innovate and build experience.

We believe that this framework will allow our people to be their most creative, inspired and effective while at work.

People behind the DirectAxis Smile

Meet a few of our people who spend their days putting power into our customers' hands.

I started my journey at DirectAxis in 2008 as a part time debt negotiator and never thought that I would still be here 9 years later. I started as a part time consultant and I managed to complete my honours in International Business Administration and Management during this time. Thereafter I applied for a full time position within the Sanlam Department and was successful.
I soon discovered that I had a love for people and I applied to attend the Bubbling Under Leadership programme to make my dream of leading people become a reality. The programme allowed me to further harness my ability. After completing the programme I applied to become a night team leader and after 4 months I was made full time.
I then applied to attend the LAMP Leadership Programme to further my development and discovered there was an opportunity to move to another department. As a leader in this department I excelled and got an opportunity to manage more diverse portfolios.
I really am grateful for all the opportunities I have had with DirectAxis and I am thankful for the people who invested time to help me develop into the leader I am. I am currently living my passion through the faith people had in me and the opportunities I was given.

Dane Daniels

In 2007, I was looking to move to a company where career opportunities exist and decided to join DirectAxis as a Call Centre Consultant. I am very ambitious and always look for ways to develop myself.
To do this I looked for other opportunities within the company and moved on from being a Call Centre consultant to various other positions like CRM Consultant and Trainer.
The company’s internal specialist development program exposed me to the Systems Development area, with no IT qualification or experience. I was trained and mentored and now proudly hold the position of Junior Software Tester in the Systems Development team. The company’s learning programmes are a testament to DirectAxis’s investment in the development of its people.
During my journey at the company, I have encountered many amazing people who have made my stay here even more special. I am abundantly grateful, thank you DirectAxis!”

Fahiema Karriem

I joined DirectAxis in 2011 and I found that the company was extremely passionate about the development of its staff.
I started as a sales consultant and I applied to join one of our leadership development programmes. It exposed me to my first taste of leadership. It was here that I discovered my true passion. I was fortunate enough to be mentored and encouraged by some of the most amazing people you would ever get to meet.
One year later I applied to attend a more advanced leadership programme and this helped me take my career to the next level. I am now a contact centre manager.
I know that without the support of DirectAxis, I would never have achieved these goals. I love what I do and it shows!

Devon Johnston

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