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How to Return to School in Your 30s

When we're in our teens, we imagine we'll get our degrees and secure the job of our dreams by the time we hit our twenties. But life is not a linear journey, and we face different circumstances as we grow up. Some may have missed out on securing their dream career due to financial constraints or other life challenges. Some may realise later in life that they’re better suited to a different career. And because we live in a time where advanced technologies keep disrupting our lives, it’s crucial for all of us to learn the information and skills needed to stay relevant in the market.

The thought of going back to school in your thirties can be daunting, especially when you’re working full-time. Your current responsibilities might feel so overwhelming that the thought of studying again may sound scary regardless of the long-term value it can add to your life.

That’s why we’ve compiled a concise list of tips to help you figure out how to return to school in your 30s while you’re working full-time.


Know what your end-goal is 

What are you looking to get out of your new qualification? This will be the motivating factor that will help you push yourself when the hard times come. Do adequate research on the degree, diploma or course you’re looking to complete to make sure the you’re investing your energy appropriately.

Learn how to find a balance 

How will this new journey impact your life? Understand that you’ll now have to fulfil school demands on top of work, family and other social demands. Finding the time for all of these responsibilities will be a challenging balancing act. A time management technique that can help is drawing up a combined schedule. Rank your tasks according to priority and then track where you spend your time. Adjust as necessary

Plan your finances accordingly 

Are your finances able to support your decision to take up school again? Take an honest look at how much you can afford to pay towards university or college tuition. Create a mock budget, listing all of your expenses to see how robust your current financial position actually is. You may find that you will need a financial boost in the form of a personal loan to help you pay for your school fees.

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Twelve percent of our customers use loans for education. You can too.

In conclusion

Furthering your education in your thirties doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a proper plan and to make use all of the resources available to you. DirectAxis can help you achieve your goal of going back to school, so talk to us today about your finance options!

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