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5 Tips for Winter Home Maintenance

Five maintenance tips to beat winter

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. That’s why we have created this list of cost-saving DIY maintenance tips to help you protect your property against the harsh winter months:

Check your roof

Start at the top and check your roof for leaks. Lookout for damaged, loose or missing tiles. Or, if your roof is flat, check for signs of blistering or bubbles.

Clear the gutters

Get the gloves on and clear out gutters, drainpipes and outdoor drains. Also cut back any tree branches that could cause damage to the roof or gutters in a storm.

Repaint your walls

Paint not only makes your home look good, it acts as a protective layer against the elements. So don those dungarees and repaint sections that have blistered or bubbled, peeled or cracked.

Clean the chimney

A crackling fire is cosy but not if it is belching out smoke. Get sooty and clean out the chimney for a more efficient, and economical, flow of air.

Seal the gaps

A well-sealed home keeps the heat in and energy costs down (something that is close to every South African’s heart). Replace broken or cracked windowpanes and apply new putty where needed.

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