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Cape Town City FC Chairperson, John Comitis – who’s seen many soccer stars soar towards success, before dropping the ball with their finances – shares his learnings from past mistakes, to build financial literacy towards a secure financial future.

Scoring with a steady income is all good and well but using it to secure your future is what really matters. With DirectAxis on his team, John could give young, promising soccer players a winning chance at a financially secure future.

Here John Shares His Tips on Financial Goalkeeping, and How to Play the Game of Money:  


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

“When it comes to securing and planning your financial future, you don’t often get another pass once your glory days are over,” says John. “It’s vital to secure your tomorrow by being smart about how you future-proof your finances, by putting money away today – because eventually, everyone’s season comes to an end.”

Live as if There is a Tomorrow

When you’re earning a salary on an ongoing basis, there’s often a sense that it will always be that way. But just like most soccer players, everyone’s career has a lifespan. That’s why it’s so important to plan for the future, whatever your current financial situation. 

As someone who’s seen large amounts of cash pass through the hands of young soccer stars, John knows that nothing lasts forever – even when it feels like it will. “These players earn tons of money at a very young age – but they’ll prioritise buying the latest pair of designer sneakers over building an academic future or taking out insurance,” says John. “The truth is, living just for today doesn’t pay off in the end."

Make Advice, Knowledge and Planning Your Allies

Nobody is born with financial literacy, but it’s a skill we can all acquire. John believes good people make bad financial decisions when they don’t know better.

“Building towards a financially secure future and growing your wealth takes planning, knowledge and sound advice,” says John. To make the right financial choices for the future and give yourself the best odds of winning the game, you need a foundation based on three key factors:

“And that’s where the right financial partner comes in,” says John. “Businesses like DirectAxis can help to educate not just soccer players, but every South African in need of a financial wingman.”

With the right financial partner, you can improve your game plan – whether you need to apply for a personal loan, or monitor and improve your credit rating for free.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you build your better tomorrow, together.

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