Reyaan Traut

Saving and Investing

Why Thinking Ahead is the Key to Unlocking Your Financial Future

Uphill or downhill, navigating twists, turns and keeping a close eye on your blind spots while you navigate your way forward: that’s a normal day in the life of a cyclist, and the same can be said for everyone’s financial journey in life. 

To achieve success in both starts with investing right and being prepared. Adaptive athlete, cyclist, and DirectAxis Brand Ambassador, Reyaan Traut, knows a bit about both. 
Here Reyaan shares tips on how being an adaptive thinker can improve your financial future: 

Think About How “Older You” Would Feel About Your Financial Decisions Today

Reflecting on what he’s seen in his 12-year career, Reyaan says hindsight is 20/20. “As people get older, they don’t think, “I shouldn’t have spent more money on material things, like the latest pair of sneakers, or the newest phone,” he says. “You don’t want to be in the position where you look back and regret not spending your money on more important things, like securing your financial future through investment, upskilling yourself to further your career or saving for retirement.”

Look to Someone Else’s Journey to Success as an Example

“Think about someone you know who’s on their way to the top: they know that they need to be financially savvy to get to the top,” says Reyaan. “Regular unconscious splurges often mean that you’re taking two steps back in your journey to financial success, and it doesn’t get you any closer to reaching your goals: not your dream home, financial security or a solid retirement plan.  

Invest in Things That Will Continue to Pay Off in 5 to 10 Years 

The time to spend a bit more is when you’re investing in quality that will last. This could be material necessities, or it could be your financial investments.

When it comes to physical items, weigh up the costs of splurging on multiple items that require replacing, versus a single item with a higher price tag, that will continue to deliver value, and last for years.

The Road to Success is Smoother with the Right Help

Reyaan has more than just savvy-spending street smarts under his belt: he also has a level of relentless determination and grit that’s made him an inspiration to South Africa – and the rest of the world. Losing his arm in a motorcycle accident in 2011 didn’t slow him down. Each day he continues to race towards the finish line with his ever-focused eye on the prize. 

With DirectAxis by your side, you can move forwards towards financial freedom. Start building towards your brighter tomorrow with a personal loan, or ensure that you keep your credit status on track with DirectAxis Pulse: which lets you monitor and improve it for free. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you build your better tomorrow, together. 

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