Zuhdi Abdullah

Saving and Investing

Grow Your Money with What You Have

Like DirectAxis, Zuhdi Abdullah is passionate about building the dreams of others, from humble beginnings to peak success. Rugby became the vehicle for achieving great things – affording him opportunities he could never otherwise have dreamt of. 

Now, as an EXCO member of the SKW Junior Rugby Club, he’s spreading the same opportunities he was granted. The SKW Junior Rugby Club is the biggest community club in the Western Cape, and through Zuhdi’s tireless work and dedication, is a community of hope and support for 120 underprivileged kids.

Here Zuhdi shares the financial lessons he learnt along his journey, and why pursuing a debt-free life is key to investing in your future growth: 


Work with What You Have

We can’t predict the future, which is why it’s vital to start building from where you are now. The pandemic has emphasised this. With mass retrenchments and a serious decline in the country’s economic prosperity, many South Africans found themselves on difficult ground.

“If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it’s just how much people are living above their means and subsequently, drowning in debt,” says Zuhdi. “This means there isn’t much wiggle room for planning and saving, because financially, you’re living in the future. Work with what you have in front of you now. Avoid accumulating unnecessary debt that can throw you off-balance if you’re faced with an unplanned emergency.” 

Teach Kids About Money

“As we’ve seen time and again through sports such as rugby, developing the best talents and habits start from a young age,” says Zuhdi. “For example, the right training, a healthy diet and a good education are all crucial for any child to grow and flourish.” 

The same can be said about financial development: teaching your kids about saving, investment, and how to manage debt goes a long way to helping them build a more secure financial future

Pay it Forward 

“The current pandemic has shown us, even more so, the inequalities that exist in our communities,” says Zuhdi. “Given South Africa’s struggles with the distribution of wealth and opportunities, it can feel overwhelming to consider lending a hand to the community, but your small contribution can make a massive impact. 

Zudhi believes it’s important for those who can, to consider helping to grow and nurture their communities- and the future generation. 

Know You’re Not Alone on Your Financial Journey 

“In rugby, a player is only as good as their coach, manager and the teammates around them,” says Zuhdi. “The same can be said of your financial journey. With the right help, guidance and support, your journey to a successful financial future is easier than it would be if you went it alone. 

Educate yourself – and then share your knowledge with those around you. You can start by choosing the right financial partner: to get clued up all things financial, get advice on how to tackle debt head-on, start the conversation with your kids, and check and improve your credit rating

DirectAxis is here to help you build a better tomorrow. Get in touch with us to find out how. 

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