Grant Hendricks

Balancing Life and Money

Choosing the Right Financial Partner

When striving to reach a personal goal, we can all benefit from help and guidance from those in the know. That’s why choosing the right financial partner is so important when you decide to take out a loan. 

When Grant Hendricks wanted to make his dream a reality, he turned to DirectAxis for the help he needed and ended up taking out a personal loan to help him achieve his goals. 

Grant used the loan to fund his wife’s study fees, which helped her reach the next level of her career and bring them both more security and fulfilment. He used the rest of the loan to renovate his home with an indoor braai area. This addition boosted the value of his property and created a space he shares with the local singing community in the small Western Cape town in which he lives.

Here Grant shares insights on how he picked the right financial partner – and how you can too: 


When looking at what credit providers offer, don’t just opt for the ones that’ll hand over the money the fastest. Instead, explore how they handle your unique situation, with honest advice and insights, while keeping your best interests in mind. 

A responsible, trustworthy financial institution values the service it provides, but more importantly, the customers they serve. “It’s important to research the credit provider beforehand, to find out what previous customers have to say, and how their experience was,” says Grant.  


Knowledge is power. Getting clued up on all things money and learning how to manage your finances is the key to financial freedom and security. 

“I’ve learned that simply taking out a loan isn’t the answer for all your financial woes,” says Grant. “Educating yourself now will empower you to manage and grow your money, which you will thank yourself for later.” 


“Speaking from experience: the right financial partner will work alongside you – a ‘wingman’ that helps you understand how you can improve your current situation,” says Grant. “They help you see the bigger picture and think long-term, like improving and staying on top of your credit health rating, affordability, property value, etc.” 

Finding the right ‘wingman’ for you is easy when you know what to look for. A truly committed financial partner will provide expertise on the best ways to use your loan and equip you with good, solid advice ¬– it’s what differentiates them from the rest. 

The right information enables you to make the best decisions. Whether you need to brush up on your financial know-how, a personal loan to complete your bigger picture, or simply a trusted wingman, DirectAxis could be the right financial partner for you. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you build your better tomorrow,  together. 

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