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Funeral cover and why it is critical

14 May 2014

No one likes to think about dying, but we do our loved ones a disservice if we don’t at least consider this reality and protect them from the financial implications of our passing.

Today, a funeral could be a huge expense.  And without any kind of cover, not only are those we leave behind emotionally traumatised, but the costs of saying goodbye properly could leave them financially stressed too.  

A very basic coffin for example, starts at around R5 000 – and then there are the costs of a minister to conduct the service, flowers, transportation costs – not to mention the actual burial fee and refreshments for those who attend.

Funeral cover is the ideal way to protect your family from the financial expenses they could face with regard to a burial… Or in fact, safeguard yourself from these costs, if one of your loved ones should pass on and leave you without the protection of funeral cover.

Funeral plans are usually cost effective enough to be affordable, and payouts usually take place quickly and easily, allowing relatives of the deceased to proceed speedily with the arrangements they need to make.

Most funeral plans offer the following advantages:

  • Affordable cover, from as little as R3 a day
  • A lump sum payout that takes the pressure off your personal finances
  • Fast payout – usually within 48 hours of the receipt of documentation
  • The option to add other family members with just a small monthly premium increase
  • No medical tests required

Direct Axis offers a range of cover options that can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Simply call 0860 66 33 33.