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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

20 December 2013

One of everyone’s favourite things about the holidays is receiving gifts. Ironically, one of the least favourite things on most people’s list is buying gifts. If this is true for you and you have to buy a gift for a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, mother-in-law or aunt, you’ll find the list below very handy. Read it to discover great gift ideas for any woman in your life:

The classics

You can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery. A statement necklace, nestled in velvet, will make in the recipient’s eyes sparkle as bright as their gift. Equally awe-inspiring are diamond or pearl earrings and bracelet sets.

Fragrances are another classic. Do a subtle investigation to find out what the recipient’s most coveted fragrance is. There is a good chance that it’s one just above their spending capabilities, so they’ll love you for spoiling them with it.

If you find jewellery or fragrances too personal a gift, consider a chic leather tote bag as an alternative. This classic piece is seen on the arms of the world’s most stylish women and for good reason. It’s proven to be a timeless fashion accessory over the year.

Items for leisure time

Someone who spends hours reading will love an electronic reader, like a Kindle, loaded with all of their favourite books. Of course there are still people who prefer to have a printed book in their hands, so forego the electronic reader for them and rather wrap up a set of a book series they love. You could also get a magazine subscription for a year.

The kitchen aficionado in your life is sure to be overjoyed with a gift from Yuppie Chef or Le Creuset. Get one big gift or put together a gift basket filled with smaller items. Top it off with a quirky apron, like the ones found at Mr Price Home.

The lady who has a hobby on her New Year’s resolution list will appreciate something to help her get started. If it is scrapbooking, for instance, a voucher for a beginner’s scrapbooking course coupled with a first scrapbook is a great idea. You could also help someone take an existing hobby to the next level, like with a tripod gifted to a photographer.

Smart sporty gadgets

The person who likes to keep an eye on their health by running or cycling, is sure to get excited at the sight of a Garmin heart rate monitor or GPS watch. If those are already in their cupboard, opt for a bike mount for their cell phone or a GoPro camera. Treat a triathlete to a waterproof mp3 player to keep them company during laps in the pool.

Gifts that keep on giving

If money is no object, an experience is the best gift to give. Fly the woman in your life to a family member or friend they haven’t seen in a while. Or book a cleaning service once a week for the busy mom or working wife. A homemade voucher that entitles the recipient to a room remodelling project will be the ultimate spoil!

Simple pleasures

Perhaps gadgets, appliances and luxury items do not impress the person you’re buying a Christmas present for. Then they might very well appreciate something simpler as long as it’s from the heart. For them, put together a picnic basket filled with goodies and group with two tickets to an outdoor concert or movie. You could also fill a vintage tin with home-baked goodies, or pair a box of biscuits with a ceramic tea set or antique coffee plunger.

The final option, should you still be stuck on an idea for that perfect gift, would be to simply ask what the person would like. Get them to draw up a list of between three and five items, then buy whatever fits your budget. That means you both get what you want this festive season.