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Customer Testimonials

Ms Ramdhani enjoyed the convenience of dealing with us over the phone.

“They did everything over the phone, I sent them some documents and that was that. They asked me how much I want and that was it. It was quite simple.”

Ms Budree consolidated her debt with Direct Axis – did it help her?

“Yes it did, at least some of my debt is sorted out. It was quick prompt service and I'd say yes 'yes' to using Direct Axis again.”

Mr Makakaba was struggling to pay his monthly accounts - did a Consolidation Loan help?

“Yes, it did help me. Because of the loan amount I was able to close some accounts. Basically the service that I got is … awesome. Even the correspondence that we did via email is on time.”

Ms Coetzee settled as many accounts as she could: we asked her how her experience was.

“You guys are very efficient, like the lady that assisted me really tried her best to help me cover as many accounts as I could with the loan. She was just very helpful, she explained everything … you don’t always get that! If I was in this situation where I could apply for another loan and I could afford it then I would do it again.”

Ms Mpambani consolidated most of her accounts with Direct Axis and unexpectedly enjoyed the process!

“It’s a more structured loan so you can actually plan ahead, knowing that you’ve got one amount to pay each month instead of a few. They went out of their way to assist me. The follow up calls and trying to adjust certain things … that was quite nice for me, I wasn’t expecting that. If I was in a meeting or something then I would ask her to call me back at a certain time when I was available. She was very precise: if I said one o’clock she would call me at exactly five past one. I would even suggest Direct Axis to the next person!”

Long-term customer Mr Bronkhorst improved his monthly cashflow with a Consolidation Loan – we asked him how it had helped.

“Does account consolidation help? You cannot believe it - I eventually saved R2 800 per month. It makes a big difference. I can save money now. I’ve been many years with Direct Axis now and they’ve always made a plan for me, do this and we can give you more. They always go the extra mile for the customers. The knowledge of the people and the willingness to help you is really wow. I will stick to Direct Axis all the time.”

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