Why apply for a personal loan with DirectAxis?

  • It is secure and straightforward to complete your loan application online.
  • Your repayments are fixed at our current interest rate for the full term of your loan. They never go up – no matter how much interest rates do.
  • Repayments are over a term from 24 months up to 6 years.
  • Feedback is given quickly and your money could be in your bank account within 48 hours. 

How to apply for a loan?

Apply via our online form, call the DirectAxis call centre at 0861 02 03 04 Monday to Sunday, 8am - 8pm or you can SMS your name, surname and ID number to 43885.

What will you need to apply for a loan?

  • A good credit record
  • A regular monthly income of at least R5 000
  • The details of your bank account into which your salary is paid

What documents do you need when you apply for a loan?

  • A clear copy of your South African ID
  • A recent document confirming your residential address
  • Up to 3 months’ recent bank-generated PDF statements or payslips as proof of income

We’ve made applying for personal loans online quick and streamlined. It is also easy for you to upload any documents via our online application.

What can I use my personal loan for?

A DirectAxis personal loan is paid directly into your bank account and the money can be used for any needs you may have. Whether you’re looking to do home renovations, upgrade your electronics or take a break overseas, a personal loan offers a flexible solution. There are many ways you can use your money.

What do you get with a DirectAxis Personal Loan?

When you take out a loan with DirectAxis you’ll deal with an authorised Financial Services Provider, with many years of financial services experience in South Africa. We support responsible lending, so if your application is approved, you’ll only be approved for an amount that you can afford comfortably. We’ll do our utmost to give you the best offer that we possibly can.

Because DirectAxis Personal Loans are unsecured this means that we won’t ask you to use your car, home or any other asset as collateral. To apply for a loan is quick and you can also use your loan for anything you want

For your security and peace of mind, all our loans are subject to the National Credit Act of 2005. Keep in mind, we consider all loan applications and every application is subject to credit approval.

Your loan will include a Personal Protection Plan, which settles your outstanding balance in the event of your death or permanent disability. This plan also offers some cover for temporary disability and retrenchment – and the level of your cover will be based on your risk profile. You can substitute the Personal Protection Plan with a policy of your choice, provided the cover offered is equivalent.

DirectAxis administers loans for FirstRand Bank Limited, an authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider, and has been providing loans to South Africans for over 20 years.

Apply for a loan

Your Monthly Gross Income
You'll need to provide proof of income so please be accurate
Your total income before tax and deductions. (Keep in mind that we'll ask you for proof of your income so please be accurate and only give what you can prove.)
  1. You confirm that
    1. You are not currently over-indebted
    2. You are not under administration, sequestration or debt review and have not been declared mentally unfit by an order of court
    3. All information you give us is true and correct
    4. You will ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions that follow before accepting any loan amount that you may be offered
  2. You agree that DirectAxis may
    1. Check and verify any information that we need in connection with this agreement
    2. May contact you by SMS or email about this or future applications
  3. English
      You confirm that you are able to read and fully understand English. If you cannot read English or do not fully understand English, you should not carry on with this online personal loan application and should call us to apply in one of the other languages we support namely Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu or Sesotho.
  4. Afrikaans
      U bevestig dat u Engels kan lees en Engels ten volle verstaan. Indien u nie Engels kan lees nie, óf Engels nie ten volle verstaan nie, moet u asseblief nie met hierdie aanlyn aansoek om ‘n persoonlike lening voortgaan nie. Skakel ons eerder: ons kan u telefonies in Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu of Sotho help om u aansoek te voltooi.
  5. Zulu
      Uyaqinisekisa ukuthi uyakwazi ukufunda isiNgisi futhi usiqonda ngokuphelele. Uma ungakwazi ukufunda isiNgisi noma ungasiqondi ngokuphelele isiNgisi, akumele uqhubeke nokufaka isicelo sokubolekwa imali nge-inthanethi kodwa esikhundleni salokho kumele usifonele ukuze ufake isicelo sakho ngolunye lwezilimi esizisebenzisayo, isiBhunu, isiXhosa, isiZulu kanye neSesotho.
  6. Sesotho
      O netefatsa hore o kgona ho bala mme o utlwisisa Senyesemane ka botlalo. Haeba o sa kgone ho bala Senyesemane kapa o sa utlwisise Senyesemane ka botlalo, o tlameha ho se tswele pele ka kopo ena ya mokitlane wa motho ya inthaneteng mme o re letsetse ho etsa kopo ka e nngwe ya tse ding tsa dipuo tseo re di sebedisang, e leng Afrikanse, Sexhosa, Sezulu kapa Sesotho.
  7. Xhosa
      Uqinisekisa ukuba uyakwazi ukusithetha isiNgesi kwaye usiqonda ngokupheleleyo. Ukuba awukwazi ukusifunda isiNgesi okanye awusiqondi ngokupheleleyo, akufuneki uqhubeke ngesi sicelo semali-mboleko sifumaneka kwikhompyutha kwaye kufuneka ufake isicelo ngezinye iilwimi esizixhasayo ezizezi, isiBhulu, isiXhosa, isiZulu okanye isiSuthu.
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