Customer Care and FAQs

Whether you want to check your balance, change your details or settle with us, you’ll find the information you need about your DirectAxis account right here.

Can I get a copy of the contract?

Of course! We can either email or fax you a copy of the contract – just let us know.

Why did my debit order go off before my salary date?

If a debit order day falls on a weekend or public holiday, we track the account to the business day before. This is stipulated in our terms and conditions when you accept the loan.

How do I change the date of my debit order?

It takes 5 days to change a debit order date: all you need to do is request a call back with us and we’ll get the process started right away.

How do I change my personal or bank details?

You’ll need to call us to have bank and personal details changed - for both our and your security. We need to confirm if the account is in your name and if your salary gets paid into this account.

How do I find out my balance or get a statement?

You can request a statement and your balance via email, or just contact us and we will provide you with your outstanding balance.

How do I settle my account with you?

Simply call us and we’ll provide you with a settlement amount based on the time that you need to settle the account. Bank details will be provided and after you make payment in the agreed time frame, we will close your account.

If our FAQs haven’t answered your queries, simply call us on 0861 02 03 04 or submit your enquiry via the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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