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DirectAxis: Our Campus

The Direct Axis Campus is situated in Diep River and is easily accessible by car, bus or train. The campus boasts many facilities that make Direct Axis a convenient and fun place to work; a gym, beauty salon, astro-turf pitch and various areas where our staff can relax during their breaks. Our contact centre uses the latest technology and has a comfortable set-up that allows our people to perform at their optimum. Our people are important to us. We have a wellness offering that we are continually improving and changing to suit our diverse workforce.

Campus facilities

We want our people to be well cared for and healthy. The campus is therefore equipped to support our staff through the provision of a clinic, doctor, physiotherapist, gym, healthy food options and several sports clubs. Safety and Security are crucial on our campus. You will have peace of mind knowing that we have health & safety officers, first aiders, emergency wardens, a security presence and a safe transport service available. Psychosocial wellness is catered for through our onsite counselling services and social clubs.

Wellness Offering

We also have the following value added services:


The restaurant offers several daily meal options which include healthy alternatives, all at very reasonable prices. There are also microwaves available for any employee to warm up their own meals.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is located next to our reception and entrance areas, selling various hot and cold beverages as well as light snacks.

Internet Café

There is an internet café situated in the restaurant and all employees can access the computers during business hours.


An FNB ATM can be found in the restaurant.


Employees can make appointments with our resident hairdresser.

Beauty Therapy

The beautician is available to tend to your beauty needs by appointment and is conveniently located next door to the hairdresser.

Prayer Rooms

There are designated rooms for employees who wish to pray. The rooms are in a quiet area in our building ensuring privacy and peace.

Shuttles / Transport

All employees can make use of our subsidised transport service.

Convenience Store

There is a small convenience store onsite and a snack trolley service that comes into each working area during the working day.